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Gratitude, Passion, Responsibility,Bear Date:2018-03-27Source:Wuhu Tonhe Automobile Fluid System Co.,ltd.
On the afternoon February 3, 2018 ,”Tonhe Job Prospect in 2018 and 2017 Annual Celebration Meeting” held in Wuhu. All of the staff members of Tonhe gathered with the meeting.
The meeting presided over by the comprehensive department, assembly consisted of four processes: every leader had reporting on activities and signed with company objectives and awarded for assessment staff, the general manager announced an outlook for 2018.
Each leader of department did duty reporting successively for 2017 and arranged 2018 key work planning, in the face of the new target and new challenge, we discussed methods and measures, and voted on the heart. Then we signed the ceremony of annual business target responsibility system, the target is for traction, inspired each department head toward a higher goal struggle for self-motivated.awards honor.
After the commendation meeting, our general manager summarized and prospected for the job, noticed our company’s business as a whole, and pointed out the problems to be solved. Lastly, our general manager put forward the requirements for 2018 ‘s job and called for the full performance oriented, seeked common development, cultivating create links, and shared happy tomorrow!
In the cheerful atmosphere, the meeting was finished. In the New Year, let us full of passion and spirit to face challenges and difficulties, sheer endeavor and create brilliant!
Picture 1: The picture of employee awards

Picture 2: The picture of excellent team

Picture 3: The picture of general manager to do summary and outlook


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